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RadioArt® is a division of the Radio Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit, tax-exempt radio production company, founded in 1977 by Larry Josephson, 50 years as public radio host, producer, manager and engineer. Josephson won the prestigious Peabody Award and three Grammy nominations for his work with Bob & Ray. Below are links to our past and current projects.


Bob & Ray.com

Bob & Ray recordings on CD and mp3s on flash drives, press clips and photos

The Phone Book

Great actors reading phone books and other lists: “She could read the phone book and make it sound great.”


The RadioArt® Studio

 A state of the art Manhattan recording studio featuring ISDN, ProTools, Zabar’s coffee and bagels

The Complete Ulysses

A project to record all of Ulysses by James Joyce, with mostly American actors

An Inconvenient Jew: My Life in Radio

Larry Josephson tells the story of his life in radio and in life, excerpts from his memoir, There’s No Rest in The Rest Room

What Is Judaism?

Rabbi Ismar Schorsch talks about the history, rituals and foods of seven major Jewish holidays

Only In America: The Story of American Jews

An eight-hour radio documentary including hour-long interviews with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elie Wiesel


A Liberal/Conservative Dialogue: Conversations with leading liberals and conservatives

Firesign Theatre

Performance at Airlie Seminar on the Art of Radio

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